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Astrology and Me.

Astrology has been a key to understanding my inner world. Who I am and why I incarnated in this body with this "starting" environment in this lifetime. I’ve always had so many questions about myself, my personality, my thought, choice, or action mechanisms, and my perceptions of this world, the universe in its generality, and the quantum laws that govern it. Anthropologist at soul, I find fascinating the differences between human beings, I wanted and still want to decipher its mysteries.

Fallen into spirituality from childhood thanks to my wonderful parents, after the death of my mother, I had detached myself from it, because how, in the head of a 14-year-old girl, "could they take away my mom if all this spirituality really exists?"

So it’s been four years since I found meaning in a lot of questions that took me away from my own truth. I’m constantly looking for physical means that will connect me to the esoteric world. I studied various mystical tools such as Tarot, Viking runes, meditation, reading sacred texts and especially the Science of Astrology.

It was in 2015 that I came across a Youtube video that explained the importance of understanding my own birth chart to have an overview of my person but above all to know my objectives and life missions on a larger scale. Coming from the west, I naturally turned to the tropical zodiac and cyclic astrology. And it was by studying my own chart, that a new identity was created in me. A new, growing and almost subjugating passion had thus seen the light inside of me. And I assure you that it is still growing.

Being of a generalist nature, I then studied the History of Astrology itself, reading articles and drafts of all kinds. Through Egyptian, Sumerian, Chinese, Western and Ancient Indian Astrology. But it was during the thorough reading of my Vedic Jyotish chart based then on the sidereal zodiac that the click occurred...

I UNDERSTOOD MYSELF! At a different level, a level of certainty that I had never experienced before. I have thus made the connection between all the Astrology, found the points of concordance and understood that everything is intimately related then offering us the keys to a knowledge that until then I had never even suspected.

I knew that night, that I wanted to help people who crossed my path, to help them understand themselves also. And with Ketu (southern lunar node) in Pisces and Rahu (northern lunar node) in Virgo it seemed to me like a no-brainer.

I need to help myself understand the different levels of reality in our world and understand myself that way. To help others do the same. Simply change the angle of view by wearing it inside the Self.

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