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The 27 Nakshatras or your Deepest Nature

I had one of the greatest revelation the other day. I actually looked at the study of the 27 Nakshatras that are the lunar mansions linked to the asterisms of our Universe. To be clear, the moon resides in each of its mansion for 1 day when it is rotating around the Earth. Its mansions are in fact 27 stars or constellations that permeate the human being at birth by giving him the vision with which he will experience his life.

Each Nakshatra thus uses 13° and 20min of the ecliptic (because 13° and 20min x 27 = 360°), it is therefore 2.5 Nakshatras that we find by Signs. For now it seems confusing but hang on, it’s worth it, I promise. The first Nakshatra, Ashwini, begins at 1° from Aries and finishes at 13° and 20min from Aries. So on. So it is by studying where the Moon was and especially in which Nakshatra it was at your birth that we learn a lot about how you perceive your life. It is of an incredible depth and accuracy that has really troubled me.

Imagine that the study of your Chart with the Zodiac is like the basis of your perception of this world. Life is food (I use the example of my friend Klara aka Spiritvehicle), with your chart you know that you eat Chocolate but thanks to the knowledge of the place of the Moon in one of the 27 Nakshatras, You know exactly what kind of chocolate you’re gonna eat at dinner for the rest of your life. These are the glasses you see your life with.You may have a completely different or even opposed chart to a person, but if they have the same lunar Nakshatra, you will not have the same way of experiencing your daily life but your vision of life will be the same. You will naturally understand each other on a deeper plane than with the rest of the people around you.

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but sometimes you "click" instantly with someone who doesn’t have much, at first glance, in common. That’s what I’m talking about, under the surface of this reality, your own truth.

And understanding how I govern my life inwardly on a level of subconscious that is finally expressed in the conscious has been overwhelming and has given me so much well-being that I absolutely want to share it with as many people as possible. To all my PURVA BHADRAPADA’s sisters and brothers, I understand you, man with both faces, you no longer need to hide in the dark.

There is also the study of all the different planets and the Nakshatras in which they were positioned, this brings more depth in the explanation of your Self. Your Sun and Ascendant are very important to look at in this interpretation. So how do you see life?

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