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And you, Mercury in retrograde how do you live it?

Because as far as I'm concerned, I feel it deeply in me, in each of my particles animated by its polarization.

Mercury is the planet of communication, the direct link between our inner and outdoor world, our way of thinking, our mind too. It governs technology, media and information of all kinds.

So when it comes back in retrograde, which is happening 3 times a year, it can be a pretty mess if you're not prepared and you don't really know the precautions to take.

So what's a retrograde? I'm sure you're asking yourself the question! Or not but let me still enlighten you on the subject anyway.

On its orbit around the sun, Mercury will gradually slow down what gives the illusion, from our earthly point of view, that it revolves but backward.

For 3 weeks and until July 31, prepare yourself to take a step back, evaluate your past and put order in what you want for your future. It intentionally puts on the foreground this big grey mass of everything you don't want to think about and compel you to take a look.

Don't be surprised to see people from the past reappear, that a planned situation does not take place as planned or that an argument bursts for a nothing.

For my part, a lot of things happened very quickly and I often feel like losing control in these moments, but that's just what she's waiting for. So let go, trust and focus on your intentions. Take the time to isolate yourself and make the point.

So, beautiful aerial planet, I salute you and thank you again for this "delicious" moment that you make us live lol. No seriously once you understand the benefits you can earn by intentionnaly living this moment fully, it's great!

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